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Insurance Investigation

Insurance Fraud is the act of falsifying or exaggerating the facts of an accident to an insurance company to obtain payment that would not otherwise be made. Common types of insurance fraud are staged accidents, exaggerated injuries, and inflated medical bills. Industry statistics show that insurance fraud costs $1.6 billion annually in Ontario alone!

Tactic Investigations Services offers a wide variety of investigative services to investigate bodily injury or accident claims.  Investigative video is the tried, tested and true method in obtaining evidence for all types of insurance claims.  Video surveillance, used for evidentiary purposes, can have a substantial impact on a claim with significant savings on insurance payouts.

We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured investigations agency.  Over the years, we have been providing discrete, thorough investigations for a range of clients.  Our team of licensed and experienced professionals uncovers facts in an unbiased and highly efficient manner.   

We’re Surveillance EXPERTS.  Trust our EXPERIENCE.

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