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About Tactic Investigation Services

We are recognized by our clients for our timely communication, professional advice & assistance, results, quality video & photographic evidence and concise report writing.  Tactic Investigations Services continues to strive in a very competitive market and is committed to offering the highest standards of service to our clients.  Our philosophy is simple: We are only as good as our last investigation.
Studies show that video surveillance is the most effective form of proof for fighting false claims.  To ensure we are providing the best service, the owner oversees each and every file from beginning to end.  Unlike other firms that assign a file to one investigator, who is solely responsible for the assignment and expected to complete it alone, we select the most suitable investigator to handle the file each day based on changing circumstances. 
We also set a surveillance schedule that is most advantageous for the file.  In addition, we have the ability to exchange investigators and surveillance vehicles during the course of surveillance or send an additional investigator to assist when required.  The owner is in constant communication with the investigators throughout the investigation.

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