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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Tactic Investigations Services offers GPS tracking services for managing your assets or individuals.

Whether you want to track your suspected cheating spouse, you’re a concerned parent of a new driver, or you want to keep track of the location of your company vehicles, we can help.

Typically, a GPS tracking device is placed on the outside of the vehicle.  Our Private Investigators attach the GPS locator in a secure location and leave the area.  We are then able to track the vehicle electronically with updates by the minute.

Please keep in mind that a GPS tracking device is only used as a tool in an investigation.  It may show where a vehicle is located; however, it does not prove what the driver of the vehicle is doing.  Video surveillance will be required in order to determine the driver’s activities.

GPS trackers can only be placed on vehicles with the consent of an owner. For example, if a husband wants to put a tracker on the vehicle his wife drives, he can only do so if the vehicle is registered under his name.  An employer can place a GPS tracker on any company-owned vehicle to see where their employees are going and when.

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